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The Mozley Park Neighborhood is named after Dr. Hiram Mozley, who owned the land. Dr. Mozley is known for creating a Lemon Elixir. He also served as a confederate soldier in the Civil War. The later occupation has recently stirred some residents in the neighborhood to call for a name change. 


In 1920, houses in Mozley Park began to be built. Over the next few decades, many changes occurred in Atlanta, including the White Flight of the 60's and 70's. Some of the 1st African American Residents of the Mozley Park Neighborhood still reside here. We are currently working to capture their stories to learn about the rich history of this area. 



For information about our park and a more detailed timeline of the neighborhood please see

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Mozley Park Neighborhood has an active neighborhood association and several committees. We are working toward creating a vision plan to ensure that all neighbors, old and new, have a voice in the future of our wonderful neighborhood.  


As of 2017

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