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GDOT: End Noise Pollution by Installing a Sound Barrier on Atlanta's West Side!

The Five Mile Project (5MP) was created by local neighbors who reside in Mozley Park, a neighborhood on the West Side of Atlanta. Most of the neighbors have only been living here for a short period of time, but long enough to understand the environmental challenges the community has been experiencing.

Three primary principles are the core of this initiative:

  • environmental noise

  • residential health

  • safety.

Mozley Park and several other west side neighborhoods are located along a five-mile stretch of I-20. The creation of this interstate highway system has disproportionately affected this community since its inception and continues to do so. Neighbors are impacted directly in several ways, as many of the houses are right next to the highway. The project’s objective is to create a sound mechanism that will serve as a barrier between the highway and the neighborhoods.

Having a sound mechanism to help minimize environmental noise will not only improve the health of the residents, but communities can feel safer knowing that there is something physically tangible protecting them.

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